Your Network Settings Prevent Content From Loading Privately – How to Fix this Error

Have you ever tried visiting a website and seen an error message saying “Your network settings prevent content from loading privately”? This vague error can be frustrating, leaving you wondering exactly what the issue is. 

The message is indicating that certain privacy protections or restrictions are enabled in your browser or device’s network settings. These settings are blocking some content from loading properly. To fix the problem, you’ll need to adjust these protections to be less restrictive.

What Causes This Error Message?

There are a few common culprits that can trigger the “your network settings prevent content from loading privately” error:

  • Privacy protections like tracking prevention or anti-tracking features are enabled in your browser or device’s network settings. Browsers like Chrome and Firefox now come with these types of protections by default to help block ad trackers and invasive data collection. However, they can sometimes block legitimate content.
  • A firewall or VPN app may be blocking access to certain types of content. If your firewall settings are overly strict or your VPN app uses an ad blocker, it could prevent some sites and videos from loading properly.
  • Parental control software or other restrictions may be enabled on a device and block access to certain sites and content. For example, iOS and Android have built-in parental controls that can filter web content.

In each of these cases, the privacy protections or restrictions are simply too strict and are unintentionally blocking content that you want to access. The solution is adjusting the settings to be less restrictive.

How to Fix in Specific Browsers

The network settings will vary across different browsers and devices. Here are tips on how to adjust the privacy protections in some popular browsers:


Open Settings and go to Privacy & Security. Look for settings like “Block third-party cookies” and toggle them off. 

network settings prevent content from loading privately

Disable the “Send a “Do Not Track” request with your browsing traffic” option.

You can also try changing the “Enhanced Safe Browsing” setting from Standard protection to No protection (not recommended for security, however).


Go to Options/Preferences > Privacy & Security. Change the Enhanced Tracking Protection setting from Strict to Standard or disable it entirely.  

Uncheck the “Send websites a “Do Not Track” signal…” option.

Adjust any other privacy settings like cookies and site data access if they are overly strict.


Go to Settings > Safari and check if Safari Restrictions are enabled. Disable them.

In Privacy settings, disable “Prevent cross-site tracking” and “Limit Ad Tracking” if they are blocking sites.

Review the Content Blockers installed and adjust as needed.

Microsoft Edge

Go to Settings > Privacy, search and services. Turn off Tracking Prevention or change it from Balanced to Basic.

Disable “Send “Do not track” requests” in Settings > Cookies and site permissions.

Review and adjust any other privacy settings that may be too strict.

Check Your Device Network Settings

In addition to browser settings, your device’s network-wide settings could also be causing the privacy error.

On an iPhone or iPad, check Settings > Screen Time > Content & Privacy Restrictions. If restrictions are enabled, this can filter web content. Temporarily disable restrictions if they are too strict. Also, check for any VPN or DNS profiles that may be blocking content.

On Android, look in Settings > Digital Wellbeing & parental controls. If restrictions are enabled, disable them. Also, check for any VPN apps or DNS filters that could be blocking sites. 

On Windows, check your firewall and parental control settings. You may need to create exceptions for any websites being blocked. Adjust these settings to be less strict as needed.

On other devices, look for any network-wide restrictions in the settings that may be filtering sites and content. Make adjustments there.

Reset Browser Settings

If adjusting privacy settings doesn’t resolve the problem, you can take the more aggressive step of resetting your browser to default settings. This will clear any problematic customizations. 

For Chrome, navigate to Settings > Advanced > Reset settings to their default state.

chrome reset settings

For Firefox, head to Help > Troubleshooting Information > Reset Firefox.

In Safari, go to Safari > Preferences > Privacy and uncheck “Manage website settings” to remove customizations.

In Edge, go to Settings > Profiles > Reset settings.

After resetting the browser, you can then re-enable privacy protections one-by-one, testing after each adjustment to see if the error returns. This should help you identify the specific setting that is causing problems.


The “your network settings prevent content from loading privately” error ultimately comes down to having privacy protections or restrictions that are too aggressive and end up blocking wanted content. The solution is carefully adjusting those protections to be less strict.

Try disabling tracking prevention features, anti-tracking options, VPN ad blockers, and parental controls if they are on. Browser-specific settings like cookie blocking and “Do Not Track” requests may also need to be disabled. Check both your browser and device-wide network settings. 

Finding the right balance between privacy and convenience isn’t always easy. The restrictive defaults are meant to protect your privacy, but can sometimes go too far. Err on the side of using standard or balanced protection options, and selectively enable stricter settings only where you feel they are needed. This will allow most sites to function normally.

With some tweaking of your network settings, you should be able to resolve the “content loading privately” error while still maintaining a good level of privacy protection. Don’t hesitate to reset a misbehaving browser to defaults and start fresh as a last resort. 

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