What is App Store? Ultimate Guide

The App Store is a digital distribution platform that allows users to download, install and manage apps and mobile software on iOS-based devices.

The App Store features hundreds of thousands of professional and free apps developed by independent developers as well as publishers. You can browse through categories such as Education & Reference, Games, Lifestyle & Entertainment, Music & Audio, News & Magazines, Productivity & Utilities, Reference & Education, Social Networking & Communication Apps, Utilities & Tools, and much more.

Advantages of Using App Store

The App Store is a great place to find apps and games, but it is also the best place to discover the latest, most innovative technology.

Here are some of the advantages of using the App store;

  • Find new apps

You can find apps from the app store that you might like but rarely discover. With the app store, you can search for your favorite apps and find new ones to try out.

  • Get it on time

The app store is full of apps that have been updated to include new features and bug fixes. You can download the latest version of an app before its release date and start using it right away.

  • Browse in a snap

You don’t have to wait for a web browser to load up when searching for an app on the app store. You can browse through all of the apps available on the market in one place without even opening your computer or device’s browser window.

  • Save time and money

By downloading an app in the App Store, you do not need to search for it on the web or install it manually on your computer. Second, it is easy to find an app that suits your needs. Third, you can save your data such as pictures, contacts, and calendar entries with each app.

  • Popular apps

With the App Store, you can find thousands of games, apps, and software for your iPhone or iPad. You can also download music and videos from iTunes. The App Store is a one-stop shop for all things iPhone.

Other advantages include;

  1. Easy searching
  2. App updates automatically
  3. Developer reviews
  4. User ratings and reviews
  5. Location searching and retrieval systems
  6. You can search for apps by category or keyword
  7. You can discover new apps that are similar to your existing ones
  8. You can get updates and new features faster than ever before

Differences Between Play store and App store

Both stores have an extensive library of apps that you can use to get things done on your Android phone or iPhone. However, there are some differences between these two stores that make them unique from each other and help you get better results from your searches.

Below are the differences between stores:

  1. App Store is owned and operated by Apple, while Android Market is owned and operated by Google.
  2. The App Store has higher standards for apps than the Android market does. Apps submitted to the App Store must pass several tests before they are accepted into the store. Apps submitted to Android Market don’t have any of these requirements, so developers can submit whatever they want without necessarily worrying about whether they will be accepted or not.
  • Apps sold through the App Store get access to better features than those sold through the Android market because they are developed using Apple’s tools and technology rather than third-party services like Google Play Services or Amazon Local Register.
  • The Play Store has more apps compared to App Store.
  • The Play Store has more categories than the App Store.
  • The Play Store is available on all Android devices, while the App Store is only available on iOS devices that run Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS 9 or higher.

Final Thoughts

The app store is a great place to find new games, apps, and software. It is also one of the best places for developers to showcase their work and get it in front of millions of people.

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