What are the Pros and cons of Using Google Translator?

pros and cons of Using Google Translator
pros and cons of Using Google Translator

Google translate is an online service that provides instant translations between different languages. It is known to be one of the best software tools of its kind.

Google Translate is a useful service that allows you to translate text from one language to another. It is currently available in over 100 languages and can work on any device that has an internet connection.

The service is available on the web, on Android and iOS devices, and through a desktop application.

The following are the pros and cons of Using Google Translator;

The pros of Using Google Translator

a) It’s free.
Having a free translation tool is a great advantage, especially if you are working on a low budget.

b) Fast.
It is very fast – just type or paste the text in the box and Google Translate will instantly translate it into the language of your choice. For some languages, you don’t even have to type the text in – you can speak into a microphone and Google will convert that into text. There are also some other features, such as adding voice recognition to translate your text into another language so that it can be spoken aloud in the other language.

c) Easy to use.
All you have to do is copy and paste your text into the box and press a button. You can also copy and paste text from other documents, for example.

d) Automatic language
Detection makes it easy to use, too – if you’re not sure which language you’re typing, just type it in and Google Translate will tell you what language it is kind.

e) Availability
Google Translate is available everywhere on the web and you can use it to translate any text in real-time. It is also available on Google Play Store, which means you can use it even if you are offline and traveling. You just need to download its app and then use it to translate the text.

It helps you to communicate with people who do not know your native language. It leads you to the point of the conversation. It is especially good for those who are learning foreign languages and need some translations under the text during their language study.

e) No Language Barriers
Google Translator helps remove all language barriers between people and lets them communicate with each other easily without any problems. For example, if you want to talk to someone who does not speak your language, you can just type what you want to say into Google Translate and then have him read what is written on his screen in his native language.

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The Cons of Using Google Translator

While Google Translate is effective at providing immediate translations, it has its limitations.

Below are some of its limitations;

a) Machine translation is not always the answer. It often produces inaccurate, misleading, or even funny results. Mistakes can range from simple grammatical errors to mistranslation of entire sentences.

b) The translations on Google Translate are computer-generated which means that the translation is done by a machine rather than by a person. This means that it cannot take into consideration things like context and cultural references.

It can’t detect dialects of languages (for example, British English vs American English).


Users should remember that machine translation is not a substitute for human translation, but it is an excellent tool for preparing a text to be translated by a human translator or when you need to understand the general meaning of a text in a different language.

As with any service, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons before diving in headfirst. Ultimately, the choice is up to you will you use Google Translator to expand your business, or is its low rate of success just not worth it?

But before you make a decision, make sure to consider any advantages and disadvantages that may arise.

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