Top 35 MS Excel Revision Questions

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1. How can I format numbers in cells with a comma?

2. How do I insert a picture into an Excel worksheet?

3. How do I insert text into an Excel worksheet?

4. How can I change the font size of a cell in Excel?

5. How do I change the font in Excel?

6. What is the formula for finding the sum of two values inside a VLOOKUP function?

7. How can I change the font of all text in my workbook at once?

8. What is wrong with this formula: =IF(A2>B2,C2,D2)?

9. Which is the first tool that you see when you start Microsoft Excel?

10. What is the combination of keyboard keys used to create a formula in MS Excel?

12. Which button can be used for printing a worksheet in Microsoft Excel?

13. How can you copy information from one cell to another in an Excel worksheet?

14. How do you paste information from copied cells into your workbook when you are using MS Excel?

15. How do I insert images into my Microsoft Excel spreadsheet?

16. How do I create a table in Microsoft Excel?

17. How do I format text in Microsoft Excel?

18. Explain the difference between a pivot table and a Pivot Table?

19. What are the different types of charts in Excel?

20. What are the steps to create a chart in Excel?

21. How to export data from an Excel workbook into another file format?

22. How to change the font size or color of a cell or row in Excel?

23. How do you use the Insert function in Microsoft Excel?

24. What is the difference between a range of cells, a range of columns, and a range of rows?

25. How do you select multiple cells at once in Microsoft Excel?

26. What is the difference between “formula” and “function” in Microsoft Excel?

27. How can you make your macros in Microsoft Excel?

28. What are some examples of functions that you can use inside other functions in Microsoft Excel?

29. What is an absolute reference?

30. What does the =SUMIFS function do?

31. How do you find the average of a range of numbers when there are multiple averages (multiple rows) and there’s no formula to help you find them?

32. What is the difference between the text and the formula bar in Microsoft Excel?

33. How to use the Data Validation feature in Excel?

34. What is the difference between SUMPRODUCT and AVERAGEIFS function?

35. How do you get the number of rows for an Excel table?

N/B: These questions will help you learn how to use Microsoft Excel quickly. It is intended for users who are new to the software and want to learn some common tasks so they can get started fast.

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