Redo Shortcuts: Enhancing Efficiency with Keyboard Commands

What is a Redo Shortcut?

A redo shortcut is a keyboard command that allows you to reverse an undo action. It is an invaluable tool for quickly correcting mistakes or reverting to a previous state. By utilizing a redo shortcut, you can save time and effort that would otherwise be spent manually redoing actions.

Redo Shortcut Key in Computers

Redo Shortcut Key in Windows

In the Windows operating system, the most commonly used redo shortcut key is Ctrl + Y. This combination triggers the redo command and allows you to reverse the last undo action. Whether you are using Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, or any other Windows application, the Ctrl + Y shortcut remains consistent across most software.

windows shortcut

Redo Shortcut Key in Mac

For Mac users, the redo shortcut key is slightly different. Instead of Ctrl + Y, the standard redo shortcut key in macOS is **Command + Shift + Z**. This combination serves the same purpose as its Windows counterpart, enabling you to redo the last undo action effortlessly.

mac shortcut

The Importance of Redo Shortcuts

Redo shortcuts play a crucial role in enhancing productivity and efficiency in various computer-based tasks. Whether you are working on a document, editing an image, or coding a program, the ability to swiftly redo actions can significantly speed up your workflow. By mastering the redo shortcut key, you can minimize the time spent on repetitive tasks and focus on more critical aspects of your work.

Applications with Redo Shortcuts

Here’s a list of common applications that accept the redo shortcut, along with their typical key combinations and examples:

Word Processors:

  • Microsoft Word: Ctrl+Y (Windows), Command+Y (macOS)
  • Google Docs: Ctrl+Shift+Z (Windows/macOS)


  • Microsoft Excel: Ctrl+Y (Windows), Command+Y (macOS)
  • Google Sheets: Ctrl+Shift+Z (Windows/macOS)

Presentation Software:

  • Microsoft PowerPoint: Ctrl+Y (Windows), Command+Y (macOS)
  • Google Slides: Ctrl+Shift+Z (Windows/macOS)

Design and Image Editing Software:

Code Editors:

  • Visual Studio Code: Ctrl+Shift+Z (Windows/macOS)
  • Sublime Text: Ctrl+Shift+Z (Windows/macOS)
  • Atom: Ctrl+Shift+Z (Windows/macOS)

Operating Systems:

  • Windows: Ctrl+Y
  • macOS: Command+Shift+Z


  • The specific shortcut may vary depending on the application or operating system version.
  • You can usually find the redo shortcut in the Edit menu or by hovering over the undo button.


Q. How does the Redo Shortcut differ from the Undo Shortcut?

While the Undo Shortcut undoes the last action, the Redo Shortcut reverts the effect of an undo operation. Essentially, if you mistakenly undo an action and want to bring it back, you can use the Redo Shortcut.

Q. Can the Redo Shortcut be customized?

Yes, in many applications and operating systems, you can customize keyboard shortcuts, including the Redo Shortcut, based on your preferences or needs.

Q. Why might I need to use the Redo Shortcut frequently?

If you frequently undo actions while working on a document or project and then realize you want to revert back to the changes you undid, the Redo Shortcut becomes handy. It saves time by allowing you to redo actions without navigating through menus or using the mouse.

Q. Does every software or application support a Redo Shortcut?

Most modern software and applications that allow users to undo actions also support a Redo Shortcut. However, it’s always a good idea to check the software’s documentation or settings to confirm.

Q. What should I do if the Redo Shortcut doesn’t work in an application?

If the Redo Shortcut doesn’t work, first ensure that the software or application you’re using supports the Redo functionality. If it does, there might be a conflict with another application or a custom setting. Check the software’s settings or preferences to see if the shortcut can be modified or if there’s any conflict resolution option available.

Q. Are there alternatives to using the Redo Shortcut?

Yes, you can often redo actions by navigating through menus in the software or using specific toolbar buttons. However, keyboard shortcuts like the Redo Shortcut provide a quicker and more efficient method for many users.

Q. Can I undo multiple actions and then redo them in sequence?

Yes, if the software supports multiple levels of undo and redo, you can undo several actions and then use the Redo Shortcut to reapply those actions in the reverse order.

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