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gmail notifications not working

Gmail Notifications Not Working and How To Fix It

Do you rely on Gmail notifications to stay on top of your emails, but suddenly they have stopped working? If...
Person using Google account recovery form on laptop

Google Account Recovery: Easy Guide

Losing access to your Google account can be incredibly frustrating. All of your Gmail messages, Drive files, Contacts, Calendar appointments...
archived chats in whatsapp,

A Complete Guide to Archived Chats in WhatsApp

WhatsApp isn't just for chatting; it also helps you keep things organized. One handy feature is archiving chats, which lets...
update whatsapp

How to Easily Update WhatsApp: Step-by-Step Guide for Seamless Messaging

Staying connected with friends, family, and colleagues is a breeze with WhatsApp. However, like all apps, it needs regular updates...
redo shortcut

Redo Shortcuts: Enhancing Efficiency with Keyboard Commands

A redo shortcut is a keyboard command that allows you to reverse an undo action. It is an invaluable tool...
text box in google docs

How to Add a Text Box in Google Docs Easily With These Steps

Google Docs is a fantastic tool for creating and editing documents, but sometimes you might want to add a special...

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