12 Simple Microsoft Word Questions and Answers

Microsoft Word Questions and Answers

Microsoft Word Questions and Answers

1. How many fonts does Microsoft Word support?

Answer: There are dozens of different fonts that are supported by Microsoft Word application, others can be downloaded for free or purchased from the internet.

2. What is a table?

Answer: A table is a grid structure used for organizing information into rows and columns.

3. What is an image?

Answer: An image is a graphic file format that stores data in a rasterized form; a series of pixels.

4. How to insert a picture into Microsoft Word?

Answer: To insert an image into your document, follow these steps:

Open a blank document in Microsoft Word.

Click Insert > Picture > Photo from File or click Insert > Pictures > Photo from online to search for preferred image.

5. What is a Text Box?

Answer: A text box is a rectangular region that can contain text, images, or other content. Text boxes are used to display text in a variety of ways.

6. What is the default font for Microsoft Word?

The default font is Calibri. You can change it to any other font that you like.

7. How do I select a text color in Microsoft Word?

Answer: Click on the Home> Color tab and use one of the color swatches to select your preferred color for your text (you can also choose more for a custom color palette).

8. How do I change the size of my text in Microsoft Word?

Answer: You can change the size of your text by using either of these methods:

Select a section of text and press Ctrl+Shift+> or select the section of text and click on the font size in the home tab.

9. How do I format my document with a different style (bold or italic)?

Answer: To format your document with a different style such as bold or italic, follow these steps:

Select all of your text and press Ctrl+B and Ctrl+I respectively.

10. What is the difference between a heading and a subheading?

Answer: is used to organize content within paragraphs or pages. A subheading is used to differentiate between different topics or ideas in a paragraph.

11. What is a table of contents?

Answer: A table of contents (TOC) is a list of the major headings in a document. The TOC appears at the beginning of the document and is used to navigate through it.

12. What is an index in Microsoft Word?

Answer: An index is a list of keywords used to find information quickly within a document. It allows you to search for information on specific topics, such as when researching for an article or finding information on a particular subject.

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