How To Update Android Phone Software –Simple Tips to consider

Many people prefer to stay on the latest version of Android. But if you’re still using an older version, it can be frustrating to find out that there are no updates available for your phone or tablet.

Luckily, it is simple to update your Android device to the latest version. You don’t need to root your phone or tablet and you don’t even need a computer.

Here are some simple tips to consider before updating your android phone version:

First, make sure that the battery in your phone is charged fully before you start this process. If the battery is too low, there may be chances that you may get an error message when you try to install new software on your phone.

Ensure your Android phone is connected to a stable internet connection

Make sure that your phone has enough storage space for the new software. You can check how much storage is available on your phone by going to Settings > Storage > Check Storage.

Here are the steps you need to follow to update your Android phone:

Step 1: Go to “Settings” and tap on “About phone.”

Step 2: Click on “System updates,” then click on “Check for system updates.”

Step 3: If an update is available for your device, you will see a notification telling you so and asking if you want to install it. If not, just wait until it says otherwise.

Step 4: Once an update is available, download it and install it immediately.


The update will take between 15 minutes and 3 hours depending on your device’s specifications, so be patient and wait for it to complete the process.

Once completed, a notification will appear on your screen letting you know that the software has been updated, which you can tap on to connect with Google Play Store and install any necessary apps or updates required post-update process

Benefits Of Updating Your Android Phone Software

There are many benefits of updating your Android phone. Here are some:

  • Easy to Update

Updating your Android smartphone can be very easy. You can easily update your phone by downloading the latest version of the Android software and installing it on your device.

  • Improved responsiveness

An updated operating system makes the device more responsive, which means that it responds faster than before when performing certain tasks such as opening an application or switching between applications on your android phone.

  • Performance improvement

The new version of the operating system will bring various performance improvements and bug fixes, which means you, can expect a better user experience when you update your Android phone operating system.

  • Save space

Many users are always looking for ways to save more space on their phones. Updating the operating system is one way to do that.

  • Better battery life

Updated phone systems can help keep your phone running for longer than before, as the new system is more efficient and doesn’t need to work as hard to run. This means that you will get more out of each charge, which is great if you’re away from a power source for long periods.

  • Faster boot-up times

One of the biggest benefits of updating your phone is that it will start up much faster than before – especially if you have an older model with a clunky operating system. Newer versions will be able to load apps and programs much faster, so you will use less memory and RAM when you do use them, making them even more efficient overall.

  • Get the latest security patches

The Android platform is constantly updated, as new versions of the operating system are released every few months. Each version provides a fresh slate for developers to create new apps and services. This means that your phone will be protected from potential security threats.

  • Stability improvement

Updating the Android operating system usually improves its stability as well as performance, thereby making it more reliable and secure for users who use them regularly.

Final Thoughts

Updating your android phone is not always easy, but hopefully, this article has given you a few ideas to make it less time-consuming. If you have any more tips on updating your phone, be sure to share them in the comments section at the bottom of this page.

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