How to Raise Hand in Zoom

Raising your hand in a Zoom meeting is akin to raising your hand in a physical classroom or meeting room. It signifies that you have a question, comment, or contribution to make. By utilizing this feature, you can effectively communicate your intention to speak, ensuring that you are heard and given the opportunity to participate actively.

Step-by-Step Guide on How to Raise Hand in Zoom

Raising your hand in Zoom is a simple process. Follow these steps to ensure that your voice is heard:

Step 1: Join the Zoom Meeting

Before you can raise your hand, you need to join the Zoom meeting. Open the Zoom application on your device and enter the meeting ID or click on the meeting link provided by the host. Once you have successfully joined the meeting, you will see the meeting screen.

Step 2: Locate the “Raise Hand” Button

To locate the “Raise Hand” feature within the Zoom meeting interface, please direct your attention to the toolbar situated at the bottom of the screen. This toolbar is equipped with multiple icons designed to facilitate various functionalities. Specifically, select the “Reactions” icon, whereupon you will find the option to “Raise Hand.”

Raise hand in zoom

Step 3: Click on the “Raise Hand” Button

To raise your hand, simply click on the “Raise Hand” button. This action will notify the host and other participants that you have a question or comment. The “Raise Hand” button will change to indicate that your hand is raised.

how to raise hand in zoom

Step 4: Lower Your Hand

Once you have made your contribution or if you no longer wish to speak, you can lower your hand. To do this, click on the “Lower Hand” button, which replaces the “Raise Hand” button once your hand is raised. This action will notify the host and other participants that you no longer have anything to add.

lower hand in zoom screenshot

Shortcut for Raising Hand in Zoom

  • Windows OS: Use ‘Alt+Y’ to raise or lower your hand.
  • macOS: Employ ‘Option+Y’ to raise or lower your hand.
  • Linux: Utilize ‘Alt+Y’ for raising or lowering your hand.

Best Practices for Raising Your Hand in Zoom

While raising your hand in Zoom is a straightforward process, it is essential to follow some best practices to ensure effective communication and a smooth meeting experience. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

1. Use the “Raise Hand” Feature Appropriately

Raise your hand when you have a relevant question, comment, or contribution to make. Avoid raising your hand unnecessarily or repeatedly, as this can disrupt the flow of the meeting and cause confusion.

2. Be Patient and Wait for Your Turn

Raising your hand indicates your intention to speak, but it does not guarantee immediate attention. Be patient and wait for the host or moderator to acknowledge you and provide an opportunity to speak. Interrupting others or speaking out of turn can hinder effective communication.

3. Utilize Non-Verbal Communication Features

In addition to raising your hand, Zoom offers other non-verbal communication features that can enhance your participation. You can use the chat feature to type your question or comment, or use the “Reaction” button to express agreement, confusion, or applause.

4. Test Your Audio and Video Settings

Before joining a Zoom meeting, it is crucial to test your audio and video settings. Ensure that your microphone and speakers are working correctly, and your camera is functioning. This will prevent any technical issues that may hinder your ability to communicate effectively.

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Raising your hand in Zoom is a valuable tool that allows you to actively participate in virtual meetings, webinars, and online classes. By following the step-by-step guide and best practices outlined in this article, you can ensure that your voice is heard and your contributions are acknowledged. 


Q: What happens when I raise my hand?

When you raise your hand, the host will be notified that you have something to say. They can then choose to call on you by name or give you permission to unmute yourself and speak.

Q: Can I see who else has raised their hand?

Yes, you can see who else has raised their hand by opening the Participants panel. The names of participants who have raised their hand will be listed with a raised hand icon next to them.

Q: I accidentally raised my hand. How do I lower it?

You can lower your hand at any time by clicking or tapping the Lower Hand button, regardless of the method you used to raise it.

Q: I can’t find the Raise Hand button. What’s wrong?

The Raise Hand feature may be disabled by the meeting host. If you can’t find the button, it’s best to ask the host if they have disabled it.

Q: Can I raise my hand in a webinar?

Yes, you can raise your hand in a webinar just like in a regular meeting. The process is the same.

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