How to Make a QR Code for Your Google Form 

Looking to simplify access to your Google Form? Dive in to discover how to generate a QR code and effortlessly share your form with a simple scan.

If you’ve crafted a Google Form and wish to enhance its accessibility through modern means, generating a QR code is a game-changing solution. But how does one create a QR code for a Google Form, and what are the benefits? In this step-by-step guide, we’ll unravel the process, empowering you to seamlessly integrate QR technology with your Google Form. Let’s dive in.

How to Make a QR Code for Your Google Form: A Step-by-Step Guide

QR codes are a convenient way to share information, and they’re perfect for directing people to your Google Form. Whether you’re collecting feedback, conducting a survey, or running a registration, a QR code makes it easy for people to access your form with a quick scan.

How to Generate a Google Form QR Code

Generating a QR code for your Google Form only takes a few quick steps:

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to create a QR code for your Google Form:

1. Open your Google Form:

Open the Google Form you want to create a QR code for. This can be any existing form you’ve already made in Google Forms.

2. Get your Google Form’s link:

Once your form is published, click the “Send” button in the top right corner. In the “Send” window, select the “Link” tab. Here, you’ll find the URL of your published form. Copy this link.

copying google form send link

3. Choose a QR code generator:

Numerous free QR code generators can be found online. Some popular options include:

4. Generate your QR code:

Insert the copied Google Form URL into the input field of the QR code generator. Click the “Generate QR Code” button.

5. Customize your QR code (optional):

Many QR code generators allow you to customize the look of your code. You can change the colors, add a logo, or even include a call to action.

customizing google form qr code

6. Download your QR code:

Once you’re happy with your QR code, click the “Download” button to save it as an image file (e.g., PNG, JPG).

downloading oogle form qr code

7. Share your QR code:

Now you can share your QR code wherever you want! You can print it out and display it in a physical location, include it in your email signature, or post it on social media.

Bonus Tips:

  • For better scannability, use a larger QR code size (at least 200×200 pixels).
  • Consider using a dynamic QR code, which allows you to track how many times your code is scanned and even update the linked URL later.
  • There are also Google Workspace add-ons available that can generate QR codes directly within your Google Form.

The beauty of using a QR code is that in just seconds, anyone can scan your code and immediately open your form without having to search for the link. It’s quick, convenient, and makes your form highly accessible. 

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Benefits of a Google Form QR Code

  • Utilizing a QR code for your Google Form provides many benefits:
  • Convenience – People can access your form much faster than typing in a URL.
  • Trackable Analytics – You can see how many are accessing your form via the QR code using Google Form data.
  • Professional Appearance – A QR code adds a sleek, high-tech look to your form.
  • No Need to Type Links – Scanning eliminates the problem of long, complex URLs.

For an easy way to make your Google Form more user-friendly, try generating your own QR code today using the steps outlined above. In no time, you can create a scannable shortcut to your form for others to access with ease.

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