How To Make A Phone Call Without A Phone

Cell phones have become an integral part of our lives. They help us stay in touch with friends, family, and other contacts. But what if you are in a remote area or have no cell reception? How do you reach someone if you need to make a call? In today’s world, most people will have no reception at some point. Cell phone towers are not everywhere, and there are many places where you cannot get reception. What can you do when cell service is unavailable?

There are several alternate options for making a phone call without a phone. Here are four great ways to make a phone call without a phone.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

You can use Facebook Messenger to make free phone calls. This is a feature that has been available for several years but is not well known. This free service lets you call your Facebook friends and family who have a Facebook account and are logged in at the time you want to reach them. You can use this feature to make calls on your computer.



If you want to call your friends and family and don’t have any special preferences, you can try using Skype. This popular internet phone service allows you to make phone calls using your Skype account.

You can use Skype to call your friends and family who have a Skype account. Calling with Skype is free and this service also allows you to send text messages.

Google Voice

Google Voice is a free service that allows users to make and receive calls from any phone number anywhere in the world. Google Voice works with all kinds of phones, including smartphones, feature phones, and even landline phones.

Google voice is integrated into Gmail, so it is easy to create free voicemail accounts, and access call logs.

Google voice has built-in call forwarding and conference calls, but you can also use third-party apps to do that if you prefer.

Virtual VoIP Provider

A Virtual VoIP provider offers you a service to connect to an internet-based phone system. This allows you to make phone calls, receive calls and send text messages via your computer. Many VoIP providers will let you download an app that you can use to make and receive calls. This makes it easy to call your friends and family from your computer. Both receiving and making calls are free of charge.

In Conclusion

Therefore, next time you lose your phone or can’t find a working phone anywhere, the above are four options to make a call without a phone.

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