How to Close a Google Form and Stop Responses

Google Forms is a handy tool for collecting information, registrations, feedback, and more. It’s easy to create a form to gather responses. However, sometimes you’ll want to close a form and stop accepting submissions. 

Why would you need to close a Google Form? Here are some common reasons:

  • The registration or submission period is over. For example, you were using a form to collect sign-ups for an event, but the event has passed.
  • You’ve received enough responses. If you created a survey and have collected 100 responses, you may want to cut off any additional submissions.
  • You need to temporarily pause submissions while you review current responses or make changes to the form.
  • You created the wrong form and want to stop accidental submissions.

How to Close a Google Form

Fortunately, it only takes a few clicks to close down a Google Form so it stops accepting responses. Here’s how:

1. Open your Google Form.

2. Select the “Responses” tab located at the top.

3. Within the primary responses section, find the “Accepting responses” button and switch it to the “off” setting.

close Google forms

4. You will see a red message confirming that responses are no longer being accepted.

close google form,

That’s all there is to it! Once you toggle the form to “No longer accepting responses” and save the changes, the form will be closed. People trying to access the form will see a message that the form is not currently accepting responses.

Additional Tips and Hints

  • You can reopen a form at any time by simply toggling “Accepting responses” back on and saving the changes. 
  • Closing the form does not delete any existing responses you’ve already collected. You can still view and work with response data from a closed form.
  • Instead of completely closing a form, you can also restrict responses to a date range. Just set a start and end date for acceptances.

In summary, closing a Google Form is a simple way to prevent unwanted or unnecessary responses. With just a few clicks you can easily open and close forms as needed.

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