Microsoft Word: Features And Benefits

Microsoft Word is an incredibly powerful program that you can use to create all kinds of documents, from letters and memos to reports, books and beyond.

Microsoft Word is currently the most popular word-processing software on the market. It has many features, some of which you may never use.

Features Of Microsoft Word

Here are useful features of Microsoft Word;

Document review
Word’s document-review features make it easy for co-workers to collaborate on documents. You can save documents to a server or local folder and invite people to review them. Anyone using Word can add comments, track changes, and even make edits.

Insert images
Images can help illustrate important points in your documents. With Word, inserting an image is as simple as dragging and dropping it into your document. You can also insert other kinds of graphics and shapes, including tables and charts.

Mail merge
If you send out letters to multiple recipients, mail merge helps automate the process by importing addresses from Excel or Outlook. You can also add fields in which information will be pulled from a data source to customize each letter individually.

Paragraph formatting
Word offers a variety of paragraph-formatting tools, including indentation, bulleted lists and numbered lists. It also lets you set the line spacing and paragraph spacing at the click of a button.

Page formatting
Word allows you to adjust page margins, insert page breaks and much more.

Spelling and grammar checks
Word automatically checks your spelling as you type, and it can check your grammar as well.

Document styles
You can apply predefined styles to text in a document or create your own custom styles. The latter is useful if you want to apply consistent formatting throughout a long document.

Other features include:

1. Add a video or audio clip to your document

2. Add an equation or symbol to your document

3. Create a table of contents

4. Create a bulleted or numbered list

5. Change the paragraph spacing in your document

6. Insert a drop cap in your document

7. Use the Navigation pane to move around in your document

8. Add page numbers to your document

9. Change the margins in your document

10. Use Page Layout view to change margins, paper size and more

Benefits Of Using Microsoft Word

Below are some of the benefits of Microsoft Word;

  • Microsoft Word is designed to help users create professional-quality documents. Whether you’re creating a document for personal or professional use, Microsoft Word provides all the writing tools that you need to compose well-written documents.
  • It can be used for both personal and business purposes. Since its initial release, Microsoft has added new versions with additional features.
  • Microsoft Word can be accessed online. This allows users to access their files from anywhere with an internet connection.
  • Enables users to store, retrieve and print out their work in hard copy or soft copy form.
  • Available: Most computers come with it pre-installed, and nearly every office in the world has access to it.
  • Microsoft Word’s ease of use, flexibility, and integration with other Microsoft Office applications
  • Integrates with other MS Office applications.
  • Microsoft Word integrates with other MS Office programs such as Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access and Microsoft PowerPoint.


Basically, Microsoft Word is free, easy to use, and compatible with any type of device. This software can help users achieve many things from writing reports to creating a business plan. To start off this software is also very versatile; as mentioned earlier, users can use it on multiple devices. Furthermore, this tool will allow you to create a variety of cool documents such as posters or flyers that can help attract customers.

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