ChatGPT Keyboard Shortcuts – Speed Up Your AI Conversations

ChatGPT, a powerful language model, offers a seamless conversational experience. To enhance your interaction, understanding and utilizing shortcuts can be a game-changer. In this guide, we’ll explore how to access ChatGPT keyboard shortcuts on Windows, Mac, and iOS, providing you with a handy list of shortcuts to make your experience even smoother.

How to Access ChatGPT Shortcuts (Windows, Mac, and iOS):

Navigating through ChatGPT becomes more efficient when you know how to access shortcuts. Here’s the process for various platforms:


For Windows users, simply press ‘Ctrl’ + ‘/’ to reveal the list of available shortcuts. This keyboard combination opens up a world of possibilities to streamline your ChatGPT experience.


If you’re on a Mac, the shortcut is ‘Cmd’ + ‘/’. This command will unveil the list of shortcuts, allowing you to effortlessly navigate and make the most out of your ChatGPT conversations.


On iOS devices, accessing ChatGPT shortcuts is just as easy. Tap on the ‘gear’ icon in the chat window, then select ‘Shortcuts’ to view and use them in your conversations.

List of ChatGPT Keyboard Shortcuts

Familiarize yourself with these helpful ChatGPT shortcuts:

  1. Ctrl/Cmd + /: Display or hide the list of available shortcuts.
  2. Ctrl/Cmd + Enter: Send your message without reaching for the mouse.
  3. Ctrl/Cmd + Z: Undo the last action in your conversation.
  4. Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + Z: Redo an undone action.
  5. Ctrl/Cmd  + Shift + O: Open new chat
  6. Shift + Esc: Focus chat input
  7. Ctrl/Cmd+ Shift + ; : Copy last code block
  8. Ctrl/Cmd + Shift + C :Copy last response

How to Show Shortcuts in ChatGPT:

Sometimes, you might want to have the shortcuts visible at all times. Here’s how you can do it:

Click the ‘question mark’ at the bottom of  the chat window, 

how to show shortcuts in ChatGPT

Then select ‘Keyboard Shortcuts’ to view and use them in your conversations.

chatgpt keyboard shortcuts
chatgpt shortcuts

Incorporating shortcuts into your ChatGPT conversations can significantly enhance your user experience. From quick navigation to efficient editing, these shortcuts are designed to make your interaction smoother and more enjoyable. 

ChatGPT Shortcuts: FAQs

1. What is the purpose of ChatGPT shortcuts?

ChatGPT shortcuts are designed to streamline your interaction by providing quick and efficient ways to navigate, edit, and send messages within the conversation.

2. Why should I use ChatGPT shortcuts?

  • Boost productivity: Shortcuts save time and effort.
  • Simplify complex actions: Some actions might require typing lengthy prompts, which shortcuts can streamline.
  • Personalize your workflow: Create custom shortcuts for tasks you frequently do, making your interaction with ChatGPT smoother.

3. What should I do if ChatGPT shortcuts are not working for me?

If you encounter issues with shortcuts, ensure that you are using the correct keyboard combinations for your device. If problems persist, check for updates, or reach out to the official support channels for assistance.

4. Do ChatGPT shortcuts change over time?

Yes, as ChatGPT is under development, the availability and functionality of specific shortcuts might change.

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