Benefits and Features of Google Meet You Need To Know

Benefits and Features of Google Meet
Benefits & Features of Google Meet

What is Google Meet

Google Meet is an app that helps you manage your meetings and events in real-time, in multiple locations (internal or external). It was made to help you and your colleagues connect, even if they’re geographically dispersed.

As remote work becomes more and more common, video conferencing has become an essential tool for staying in touch. Google’s video conferencing software, Meet is a widely-used platform for online meetings and conferences. It integrates into G Suite and is available for Android, iOS, and the web. 

The software program allows for both one-on-one and group video calls, screen sharing, and has a chat feature.

Google Meet is similar to Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype in that it allows people to meet virtually. Unlike the others, though, Meet has a strong focus on corporate security and fidelity.

Meet is built primarily for teams within businesses, schools and organizations. However, Google is currently offering free use of the premium version of Meet for anyone with a personal Google account through September 30, 2020.

Benefits of Google Meet

 1. It’s easy to invite someone to join a meeting — just share the link with them or enter their email address when you schedule the meeting in Calendar or start the Hangouts app on your mobile device. They’ll be prompted to install the Meet mobile app for Android or iOS if they haven’t already.

 2. Secure video meetings

Google Meet uses technology designed to keep your meetings secure. Meet runs on the same secure infrastructure that Google uses internally, so you can trust that your meetings are always secure. With end-to-end encryption and no recording allowed, you can be sure that your meetings stay private.

 3. Meet is free to use

Google is investing in building the best video conferencing experience you’ll find. And it’s free for everyone, not just G Suite customers.

 4. Meet works on any device

You don’t need an app to join a meeting; just click the link from any browser, or call in from a phone. And if you do want an app, Meet is available for iOS and Android so you can stay connected from anywhere.

 5. Google Meet is a high-quality video conferencing app that you can use with up to thirty people at once. Google Meet is included for free with all G Suite subscriptions, and customers who have previously used Hangouts Meet can continue to do so.

6. Real-time captions.

Real-time captions help those who are hearing impaired and others who need them participate in meetings more easily.

 7. Integration with Google Calendar.

Google Meet integrates seamlessly with your other G Suite products, including Google Calendar, so you can easily schedule meetings with anyone in your organization or outside of it.

 8. Mobile device support.

From Android or iOS devices, users can join a meeting using the Google Meet mobile app and even start a new one on the go.

 9. Closed captioning support.

This feature helps people who are deaf or hard of hearing participate in meetings more easily and even improves understanding for everyone else by providing real-time transcripts of what’s being said during each session.

Features of Google Meet 

Features of Google Meet include:

  • Up to 100 meeting participants
  • Screen sharing options (including presentations)
  • In-meeting chat features
  • It aims to help businesses and teams stay connected.
  • Google Meet allows you to hold video conferences with multiple people at once.
  • The service is free and relatively easy to use.
  • Here’s how to set up a Google Meet conference call with your friends or colleagues.
  • HD video and audio powered by WebRTC
  • Easily join from a calendar event or email invite
  • Up to 30 HD video participants
  • In-call controls (mute/unmute, end call)

Steps to use Google meet

This article shows you how to use Google Meet.

Using Meet is simple. You can join a meeting without needing an account, but you’ll need a Google Account if you want to schedule meetings or invite participants.

How to access Google Meet

Go to in your web browser and sign in to access Google Meet. You can also access the service through an app on your Android or iOS smartphone or tablet.

You can also access Google Meet through Gmail, but that only works if you have a G Suite account, not a standard Gmail account.

How to create a new meeting

To create a new meeting, simply click “Start a meeting” on the home page of Google Meet in your web browser, or tap “New meeting” within the mobile app. You’ll be prompted to add a name for your meeting, then generate a link that you can share with others so they can join you in the same virtual room.

How to join an existing meeting

If someone else has created a meeting and given you the link, you can join by clicking “Join” on the home page of Google Meet in your web browser, or tapping “Join” within the mobile app. Enter the code for that person’s meeting into the meeting.


Using Google Meet is pretty easy: you simply have to download the app, create your event, and invite participants. Since it does not require any IT equipment or configuration, this app is also a great option for companies with limited technology resources in place. Just as it does not need much preparation from the user’s standpoint, it also has a very up-to-date design.

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