Ruby is a programming language that’s used by many companies and individuals. It can be used for web development, desktop applications, and more. Ruby is an object-oriented programming language that focuses on simplicity and readability.

Here are some of advantages of the Ruby programming language:


Easy to learn

It is one of the easiest languages to learn because it is so simple and has very little syntax. It is also very easy to use, which makes it an excellent choice for people who are new to programming or have only had limited experience with other languages.

Easy to deploy on multiple platforms

It is a cross-platform language that runs on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X machines. This means you don’t need different versions of your app depending on what device someone is using.

Low resource consumption

Its programs have less overhead than those written in other languages because they use less memory, CPU cycles and storage space than equivalent C++ applications would require – making them faster and more efficient in their use of resources. This leads to better performance overall for your application as well as better battery life if you are developing mobile apps with ruby.


It is object-oriented, which means that it focuses on the objects that make up an application rather than a more procedural style of programming. This makes it easier for developers to work with other people’s code and share ideas.

Community support

The Ruby community offers many resources for programmers who want to learn more about Ruby or improve their skills in this language. These include books, tutorials, conferences and meetups where you can meet other people working on similar projects or just sharing ideas. You can also find help on forums like Stack Overflow where experienced users ask questions about specific issues they’re having with their programs or how to solve them more effectively.


The language has a lot of security features and it can be used for securing web apps:

Encryption – Ruby provides several ways to encrypt and decrypt data, including Base64 encoding and Secure Random.

Authentication – Ruby provides methods for authentication, such as requiring the user, to check the password and verify the password.

Authorization – Ruby provides methods for authorization, such as requiring a user. Or authorize.

Escaping – It also provides functions like an escape, which will escape strings before they’re passed to another function or returned as an argument. This is useful when you need to pass sensitive information inside a string, but don’t want other people seeing it in plain text form (e.g., passwords).

Rich libraries

There are many third-party libraries available for Ruby, which makes it even easier for developers who want something specific built into their programs without having to write their code from scratch every time.

Widely used

It is widely used in web development. Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular frameworks for developing web applications using the language. Other popular web frameworks include Sinatra and Padrino.


Incompatible with other programming languages

It is not compatible with other programming languages. The reason behind this is that it does not have any concept of namespace or module system and does not support multiple inheritances. Therefore, it can be difficult for a beginner to learn the language and work on larger projects with other languages.

Slow performance

It is a slow language when compared to other languages like C++ or Java, which are known for their high-performance capabilities. This is because the language was designed for simplicity rather than performance, so adding speedier features would require more changes in the source code. In addition, its runtime performance also depends on your computer’s hardware specifications and operating system (OS) version.

It’s hard to debug your code

Its error messages can be cryptic, which makes debugging difficult. Therefore, you need to spend extra time reading the error messages and making sense of them to find out where the problem lies in your code.

Final Word

Ruby is very effective and efficient, enables high programmer productivity and has a dynamic, reflective and object-oriented general-purpose programming language.

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