12 Advantages and Disadvantages of Python

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world. It was created by Guido van Rossum, and was first released in 1991. Python is a general-purpose programming language that is used for everything from web development to scientific computing.

Advantages of Python programming language

Below are the advantages of Python programming language:

1. Easy to learn

It is easy to read and write because its syntax is very similar to English. This makes it easier for new programmers to understand what various lines of code mean without having to look up every keyword or symbol in a dictionary or manual.

2. Readable Code

Python code is very readable because it uses English keywords instead of punctuation or symbols; indentation instead of curly braces; and meaningful variable names instead of single letters or numbers. This makes it easier for anyone – not just programmers to read and understand the code again later on when they need to make changes or additions to it.

3. It’s Cross-Platform

In just about any programming environment, from Windows to Linux and from mac OS X to UNIX, you can find Python installed by default. It runs on everything. That means that if you write a program for a particular platform, there’s a good chance that someone else will be able to run it too. This makes sharing code with other people much easier (especially if they don’t have access to the same operating system as you).

4. It has Great Libraries and Frameworks

The standard library comes with all sorts of utilities that make common tasks easier; for example, it has an entire library dedicated just to dealing with dates and times. There are also many third-party libraries available on the Internet — some free, some not — which allow you to do even more things with your programs: accessing databases or web services or creating user interfaces and more.

5. Python is a high-level programming language

It is used for both small and large applications including web development, data science, artificial intelligence and scientific programming.

6. Portable

Python is an interpreted language that can be run on many different platforms. The code written in Python is portable and can be run without modification on all major operating systems.

7. Community support

One of the most important advantages of Python is its huge community support. One reason that the language has such a large community is that it’s an open-source language, which means that anyone can contribute to the development of Python without having to pay licensing fees or royalties. This means that you can find help from other programmers if you run into problems using the language.

Disadvantages of Python Programming Language

Python is a great programming language, but it does have its drawbacks. Here are its disadvantages you should know:

1. Slow performance

It is not as fast as some other scripting languages like Perl or Ruby. Also, it has been criticized for having a relatively large memory footprint and being slower than compiled languages like C/C++ or Java.

2. Not suitable for mobile development

It is a great choice for building web applications and some desktop applications, but it’s not well suited to mobile development. If you want to write an iOS or Android app using Python, you’ll need to wrap your code in a native wrapper written in Objective-C or Java; there’s no way around this limitation of the language itself.

3. Memory consumption

It uses a large amount of memory. This is due to its adaptability to various data kinds. Python is not a good choice for memory-intensive tasks if the user wants to optimize memory usage.

4. Runtime error

This means that any error or exception that occurs after the program has started cannot be detected or handled until it occurs.

5. Database access

Python can interact with databases by using third-party modules, but this is not easy compared to other programming languages.

In Conclusion

If properly used, Python gives you a wonderful opportunity to work more quickly, implement new concepts and yet at the same time make fewer mistakes. Programming in Python is very simple, nice and also fun.

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