Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-mail Address You Must Know

Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-mail Address

Advantages And Disadvantages Of E-mail Address You Must Know

What Is An E-Mail?

E-mail address is a very common way to send messages from one person to another. It’s also used for group communication, such as mailing lists and chat rooms, which we’ll get into later in this article.

An email address consists of two parts: the name and the domain name. The name part of an email address is your personal name (or nickname) followed by a period and then your surname, followed by an @ symbol. For example:

“Myname” is the domain name, which identifies you on the Internet (in other words it tells everyone else who you are. is a domain name owned by Yahoo! or Google that allows us to get email from their servers without having to set up a new account with them.

Email address offers various advantageous and disadvantageous as listed below:

Advantages Of E-Mail Address

  • Convenient

E-mail is more convenient than sending a letter or fax by mail or telephone because it is less expensive and faster especially with email on mobile devices.

  • Safe

If you need to send someone a confidential document, an e-mail often has the best security features available for sending documents over the Internet such as encryption.

Also your e-mail address doesn’t go anywhere unless you tell people where it goes and permits them to do things like read your mail (which is why most sites have “privacy settings”).

  • Instant communication

E-mail helps you stay in touch with distant friends and colleagues without having to travel back and forth; this can save money and reduce travel fatigue.

  • Send and receive files

You can send and receive images, videos, audio files, and documents without having them saved on your computer or mobile device first.

  • Unlimited notes space

You can write more personal notes in an email than on paper.

  • Automatic

Ability to set up automatic forwarding so that your e-mail account will forward all messages to another address if your original one ever goes offline or gets disconnected.

  • Portability

You can access your e-mail from any device with an internet connection, including cell phones and PDAs like the Palm Pilot and Blackberry device. This is especially useful if you travel frequently or just want access at home when away from your computer.

  • Collaboration

You can also send e-mails to large groups of people at once, so everyone knows about an event or meeting without having to call each person individually.

  • Recover deleted messages

If someone accidentally deletes an email from his or her inbox or trash folder, it remains stored in the cloud so that you can retrieve it later on.

Disadvantages Of E-Mail Address

The disadvantages of having an e-mail account are as follows::

  • Easy to forget to check your e-mail, especially if you use it frequently and it goes unnoticed for a long time.
  • You may miss important information because you do not check your emails often enough.
  • If you have an e-mail account and a cell phone, then you can easily get distracted from what you are doing when using both at the same time, which is a common problem.
  • E-mails can take up valuable time from your day that could be better spent on other things such as studying or completing homework assignments.
  • An e-mail account can be very impersonal since there is no face-to-face interaction with anyone.

Frequently asked questions

Why email is the best form of communication?

Here are some reasons why email is the best form of communication:

  • Addresses are useful for sending and receiving mail messages.
  • Email addresses make it easier to exchange messages with other people, especially if you use them for your business.
  • Email addresses can be used for personal correspondence.
  • You can use your email address to communicate with friends and family members, share information about yourself, or sell products and services online.
  • Email addresses make it easier to share information about yourself.
  • If you have an email address, people will know where to send questions or comments about your business or products.
  • Emailing helps you keep in touch with family and friends, your clients, or anyone else you want to stay in touch with. It is also great for professional purposes like sending invoices and other important documents.


E-mail is an extremely powerful communication tool. It can help you stay in touch with people, share information and ideas, and even collaborate on projects.

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