9 Tips to Make Your Smartphone Work Better

tips to make your smartphone work better

9 Tips to Make Your Smartphone Work Better

In this fast-moving digital age, the smartphone has become an essential tool for staying connected and informed. Smartphones are small computers that we can carry in our pockets; they are also our primary camera, video conferencing device, note-keeping assistant and much more.

But even with all these benefits, smartphone users can be quick to notice any drawbacks. Like any computer device, smartphones require maintenance to continue working optimally for as long as possible. Whether your phone has already begun to show signs of wear or you want to extend its lifespan further, here are nine tips you can do to make your smartphone even smarter;

1. Organize your apps

Smartphones are amazing, but they can sometimes have too many apps. The average person has around 50 apps on their phone. If you are someone who likes to have quick access to your most used apps, then having an organized app drawer will help you get things done quickly and efficiently.

2. Get to know the accessibility features of your smartphone

If you have a smartphone, you may have noticed some accessibility features, such as screen magnification and text-to-speech functionality. If you have low vision or need those features, they are very handy. But if you don’t need them, they can slow down your phone. Make sure you only have the accessibility features enabled that you need.

3. Uninstall unused apps

If you have some unwanted apps on your phone, you can uninstall them as soon as possible. This will save a lot of storage space and also improve the performance of your smartphone. You can also disable apps that you aren’t using by going to the app settings, scrolling down to the “disabled” section and tapping on the app that you want to turn off. This way, the app will still be on your device but will remain out of the way.

4. Clear up storage space

As you download apps, music and photos, your phone will start to fill up over time. Even if you have a large storage phone, you may find yourself running out of space. If you notice that your phone is running slowly or you cannot download apps, you may need to clear up storage space. Many apps out there will clear up your storage space for you if you don’t have time to do it yourself. You can also manually clear up storage space by deleting old photos or apps that you don’t use anymore.

5. Update your OS when an update is available

Most smartphone manufacturers offer security updates and new features to make your phone work better. If you see an update available, make sure you install it. You can also set your phone to automatically update the OS. This will help keep your phone secure and functioning properly.

smartphone update

6. Try out new apps to find the best ones for you

Instead of sticking with the same apps, try out a few others to find out what works best for you. Changing things will help you determine which apps you want to keep using and which ones you want to get rid of. When you find apps that work well for you, make sure you use them often. This will make the app to be quicker and more responsive over time.

7. Rebooting is a good idea from time to time.

Most people have heard of the benefits of rebooting their computers, but not many people reboot their phones. If you are having issues with your phone, you may want to reboot it to see if it helps. You can reboot your phone by turning it off and then turning it on again.

8. Change your screen resolution

The resolution of your phone’s screen can affect the overall speed of your phone. Smartphone manufacturers design their phones to work best with a specific screen resolution. If you change the resolution of your phone, it will slow down. If you notice your phone running more slowly, check the resolution settings. You likely have your phone set to the highest resolution.

9. Clean your screen often

While most people think cleaning their screens regularly isn’t necessary, it is extremely important to keep your phone clean so it doesn’t accumulate dirt and dust over time which can lead to scratches and smudges on your screen.


Hopefully, we’ve given you enough tips here to begin improving your smartphone experience. Feel free to check out more tips on; how to update your Android phone.

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