8 Most Useful Google Maps Tips You Are Probably Not Using

Google Maps is a free online mapping service provided by Google. It allows users to view satellite images, street maps, and Street View images of cities and towns, as well as making it possible to navigate to those locations.

While Google Maps has helped millions of people find their way, it can also be used more creatively.

Here are some of the useful Google Maps tips you might not be using;

1. Use the original view

The default view on Google Maps is Satellite, which gives you an aerial view of streets and highways. This is great for finding the shortest route between two points, but if you want to see an actual street map, click on the dropdown menu and select Street View. This will give you an overhead view of your destination, including building names, signs, and even traffic lights.

2. Use the magnifying glass

When you want to zoom in or out on a particular map, just place your cursor over the map and use the two-finger pinch gesture to zoom in or out. You can also tap on a marker to zoom in and out on that specific marker.

3. Add waypoints as you travel

Google Maps has a handy tool called “Add waypoint” that lets you add a specific location along your route as you are traveling from one point to another. Just search for the location on Google Maps, then click on the “Add a direction” button at the top of the screen.

4. Use the directions feature when you are traveling

The directions feature in Google Maps will tell you how to get from Point A in your current location to Point B in another place. This can be very useful if you want to travel by car, or if you need some help getting somewhere that is a bit out of the way.

5. Use Google map offline

If you are going somewhere without cell service and need directions, use the offline mode. You can also search for businesses in your area using the Google Maps app on your phone or computer.

6. Use the Latitude feature

Latitude is a feature that lets you share your location with friends and family, so they know where you are if they need something from you or want to visit you.

7. Get traffic information

Google maps tips

Satellite views are great for seeing how long it’ll take to get somewhere, but if you want more accurate info about traffic conditions, click on Traffic and check out the various options available there like average speeds or current delays. You can also set up alerts on particular roads so that you will be notified when they are backed up with traffic.

8. Use google map voice

Google Map Voice allows you to get directions and other information from Google Maps without having to type it in. It is a great way to save time and keep your hands on the wheel of your car or bicycle.

You can get directions from the main screen or any other screen on the Google Maps app. You can also get information about places, such as the name, address, phone number, and website of a business.


We hope you found some of the above tips helpful in optimizing your Google Maps experience. These tips are based on our experience using Google Maps as well as feedback from other Google Maps users. While we think these are some of the most useful tips and tricks, there is no reason to stop here. Let us know if you have any more tips or tricks that you have discovered while using Google Maps.

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