7 Things To Do If Your Phone Is Lost or Stolen

Whether it’s a cell phone or smartphone, losing a device can be extremely frustrating. This article will walk you through some steps you can take if your phone is lost or stolen;

1. Wipe phone data

Find out suitable way to remotely wipe data from your phone so that no one can access it after it is stolen. This is especially important if your phone has been lost or stolen by someone close to you, because they may be able to access sensitive information about yourself and others through social media accounts.

2. Change passwords in all your accounts

Immediately change all of your passwords, pin numbers and other personal information on any websites/apps where you store sensitive data like your bank accounts, etc., as well as any apps that allow third-party access to personal information like Facebook.

This will help prevent identity theft in the future and will protect against someone accessing those accounts without knowing your password.

3. Seek family/ friends assistance

Inform your family and friends that your phone has lost or stolen. You can also ask them to call you on another phone if they see it or know where it is so they can reach you in an emergency.

4. Contact SIM carrier

Call your carrier or contact customer service for an emergency number where you can report the incident and get a new phone number or SIM card as soon as possible.

5. Report the matter to police

Contact your local police department for assistance with filing a report about the incident if you want to press charges against the thief.

This could include providing them with information about how to obtain information about the theft of property or any other offense related to their actions about the theft of your phone.

In some cases, there may also be criminal consequences even if no one is ever arrested or prosecuted because there may be civil liability involved as well depending upon certain circumstances.

6. Use third-party applications to track your phone

Many apps can help you track your lost or stolen mobile phone.

The most popular app is Find My iPhone. This app can help you locate your device on a map and allow you to lock it with a pin code or wipe the data on the device, including the contents of its memory.

If your phone is turned off, this app can also force it to turn on by sending an SMS message. You can also set up a speed dial number to call when you want to locate the lost phone.

7. Use IMEI number to track your phone

The IMEI number is a unique serial number assigned to every mobile device that has been produced by the manufacturer before it was sold. This means that it cannot be changed and that it can be used to track your stolen phone.

You can track your stolen phone using the IMEI number, but there are some things you need to know before doing this.

First of all, you must have access to the IMEI number of your phone. This information should be easily visible on the back of your phone or in its settings menu. You can also find this information on your new phone if you buy one at home shop or in an online store.

The next step is using an online tool that will allow you to search for the IMEI number of a specific mobile device. This could be done through websites such as https://www.imei.info, https://imeicheck.com/imei-check which provide free access to these tools for anyone who has lost his /her cell phone and wants to see if he/she can have personal information with them still.


Hopefully, this list gives you some ideas to help you through a phone loss. Kindly subscribe to our blog so that you don’t miss more articles like this one. If you have any stories of your own about losing your phone or someone else please share that story in the comments below.

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