7 Reasons Why Your Phone Battery Is Draining Fast and How To Fix It

The battery of your phone is a very important part of the entire device. It is responsible for providing power to all other parts of your phone and keeping it running smoothly. However, if your battery drains fast and you find yourself constantly having to charge your phone, then you might be suffering from several issues.

Here are seven reasons why your phone battery is draining so fast;

1. Many apps running in the background

You may be surprised to learn that apps running in the background can drain your battery. Apps running in the background may not be noticeable, but they still use resources and take up space on your phone. If you have too many apps running at once, especially those that are constantly checking for updates or downloading data may consume more power.

To identify which apps are using resources, look for a “running” icon near them. Generally, these are ones you don’t need when using your device; close out of those apps when not in use so they don’t continue consuming power unnecessarily. Also, make sure that if there’s nothing else requiring Internet access on your devices such as email or social media feeds then switch off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when not in use.

2. Push notifications

push notifications

Push notifications are a great way to keep your phone up to date with the latest news and updates. You can use them to update friends on your location, see what’s happening in the world around you, or even get notified about important events like holidays and birthdays.

However, push notifications can also drain battery life quickly as it sends an alert at regular intervals throughout the day. If you want to keep these alerts off but still receive important information from apps that require constant attention like Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp then there are several ways you can do this:

Turn off all notifications by going into Settings > App Notifications > For All Apps > Select each app individually and choose either “Never” or “Only when needed”.

3. Overheating

Battery drain is caused by high temperatures. Heat can cause damage to the inside of the battery, which leads to more power consumption and thus faster battery drain.

To check if your phone is overheating, turn it off and remove the battery. If you see condensation inside the case or on top of the phone, then it is likely that your phone is overheating.

4. Brightness

Your phone’s brightness is one of the most important settings to monitor since it can have an impact on your battery life and performance. If you have a low-end phone that doesn’t have an option for auto-brightness, set it at its lowest setting. If you own an iPhone or Android device with a more powerful processor, try turning down the screen brightness until it feels right.

5. Bad charger

phone charger

A charge that is too high can damage a phone and even cause it to overheat, which can lead to its battery draining faster than normal. The longer you charge your phone with a bad charger, the more damage it will suffer over time-so don’t do it.

6. Counterfeit battery

Low-quality or counterfeit batteries are also known for causing rapid battery loss and possibly even damage over time. If you are unsure whether or not a new battery will solve this problem, consider replacing it with another brand instead until you have ruled out the possibility of a bad battery altogether.

7. You are using your phone too much

If you are using your phone to play games, watch movies or take pictures for a long time, then this will drain the battery faster than normal.

How To Fix the Problem

A drained battery is a bad thing. It is like a car that can’t get any fuel, and it’s easy to see why that would be a problem. Without enough power, your phone will start to slow down and eventually stop working altogether.

Fortunately, there are plenty of ways to make sure your phone stays charged and ready to go when you need it most. You can clean the battery contacts. A dirty battery will cause your phone to drain its battery power very quickly.

Check the charging port on your phone and make sure there aren’t any obstructions in the way of contact between the charging port and the battery. These include dust or dirt inside the port itself.

However, if you are looking for something more permanent, on how to fix fast draining battery then consider buying a new battery or replacing the old one with a brand-new one.

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