7 Google Search Tricks to Help You Find What you Need

When it comes to doing fast, accurate research online, Google is the best tool around. There is no doubt about that. But did you know there are also a variety of powerful features within Google search that many people don’t know about? 

Here are some of our favorite Google search tips and tricks for conducting lightning-fast searches with unbelievable efficiency.

1. Use quotes in your query

By using quotation marks around your search term, you can make it more specific or add additional information that might otherwise be missed by Google’s algorithm.

For example, if you are looking for an app that allows users to create custom widgets on their phone home screens, search for “create custom widgets.” But if you want to find out what people think about those widgets, try this: “custom widget reviews.”

2. Google built-in virtual assistant

One of the most exciting features of modern-day search engines is the ability to use a virtual assistant and it is available in both desktop and mobile search. This means that you can ask a question and have the answer read aloud to you, or you can type out your question and have Google’s program translate it into a spoken answer.

This can be incredibly useful in several scenarios. For example:

If you don’t feel like typing out a question or want to remain discreet while searching, you can just say it.

3. Google suggest

Use Google suggest when searching for phrases or names in a long list of results. This feature allows you to type in one word and have Google suggest other words based on your input. 

For example, if someone typed “my brother” into Google, it would offer other suggestions such as “sister,” “niece,” etc.

4. Use synonyms 

This is especially helpful when looking for an abbreviation or nickname for a person, place, or thing.

For example; If someone calls me “BJ” instead of “Bye John,” I would be surprised since we’ve been friends for years now!

5. Google image search

Use the “Images Only” option if you want to see only the images in your search results rather than all the other stuff that is there too, like titles and descriptions of other pages on the web where the image might be found.

6. Search tools

Use the “Search Tools” menu in the upper-right corner of your browser window to access the most advanced search options. The “Search Tools” menu appears after you type a search term into the address bar at the top of your browser window. 

7. Voice search

Using a voice search is more efficient and faster than typing out your question. This is because Google’s voice search is programmed to understand natural language, meaning that you can ask your question more conversationally.

For instance: The voice search feature can be accessed in desktop and mobile search, and it can be activated by pressing the “Voice” button. It is also worth noting that you can use the “OK Google” hotkey to activate the virtual assistant, even if you are not clicking on a search result.

Other Google search tricks

Type in an address or city name followed by “street view.” This will bring up an interactive map showing the street and surrounding areas of your location. You can even pan around the map with your mouse or touchpad so you can see what is around you at any given time.

Type in your ZIP Code followed by either “Mapquest” or “Google Maps”. Both websites provide free satellite maps that show all nearby streets, roads, and buildings as well as buildings far away from your current location.

Type in an address and add “nearby me” after it. This will show businesses that are located near your current location on Google Maps.


Hopefully, this guide has improved your Google searching experience and taught you several new things that you didn’t know about the search engine. This is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Google hacks and tricks, however. 

There are plenty of other, more advanced features within Google Search that can save you time. What’s more, Google has expanded its search game far beyond its original web-based roots. You can use Google Search to find movies on Netflix, compare flight prices online, play games online (or offline), and buy tickets for concerts and sporting events online.

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