What is Google Apps?

Google Workspace is a place for teams to create and collaborate on files together. You can easily share without having to set up and configure servers or services.

This makes it easier for the user to access these applications since they do not need to create new passwords or log in each time. Some of the most popular Google apps include; Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Drive, Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides, Google Forms, Google Sites, and more.

Why should one use Google apps?

Among the growing number of products out there in the market today, Google apps are among the top choices when it comes to using as a simple, yet practical tool. What makes Google apps unique is that it is easy to use, and have numerous features that can help businesses or even individuals with their daily tasks.

Benefits of Google Apps

Google apps are one of the best and fastest growing business software. The benefits of using this application are really important for the business.

Here are some benefits of using Google apps;

1. Mobility

One major advantage of using Google apps is mobility. You can access them anywhere, provided you have a stable Internet connection and a device that supports web browsing. The fact that you have your documents saved on the cloud means you can access them from any location or device in the world. This is particularly beneficial for people who move a lot or those who travel often.

2. Easy Collaboration

Another advantage of using Google apps is easy collaboration. This is because these applications are accessible by multiple users at any given time. For example, several people can work on a particular document simultaneously or edit changes made to a calendar by other users. This makes it easier for people to work together even when they are not physically together since everything can be done online. Additionally, there are communications tools integrated within these applications that make communication with other users very convenient

3. Ease of use

The simple, easy-to-use interface of Gmail, Calendar and Google Docs will enable your employees to quickly become productive with the software.

4. Cost-effective

Because Google Apps is entirely web-based, there’s no software or hardware to purchase, install or maintain. The standard edition is free and the premier edition costs $50 per user per year.

5. Familiarity

Employees will be able to use their existing email addresses with Gmail instead of having to learn how to use new software.

6. Accessibility

Google Apps is accessible via a web browser from any Internet-enabled computer. Employees can access their information at work, at home, or on the road without having to carry or connect to a flash drive. It also makes it easier for employees to share documents.

7. Cloud Based

Google Apps is a cloud-based solution, which means there’s no need to buy, install or maintain any hardware. This is why more users as well as companies are adopting these applications to enhance productivity and communication within the organization.

8. Security

Google Apps is secure and reliable. Google provides one of the most secure computing environments on the web. It includes automated system backups, multiple layers of security, dedicated 24/7 monitoring, and even a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

9. Automatic updates

Google automatically upgrades and updates its applications without requiring user intervention.

10. Easy to set up and manage

IT administrators can quickly create new accounts for employees, partners, or customers with no hardware or software required and have complete control over their settings and data.

11. Scalability

Pay-As-You-Go: You only pay for the services you use, so there are no extra charges or hidden fees. This also eliminates the need for costly hardware or software purchases.

12. Data Backups and Recovery

Your data is saved in multiple locations, so it is easily recoverable if a machine fails or breaks down. This also allows users to retrieve old versions of files if necessary.

13. No IT Staff Required

Because Google takes care of all the technical aspects of cloud computing, there is no need for you to hire an IT staff. This saves time and money on training costs as well as salaries and benefits for IT employees.

14. Reliability

Google provides a 99.9% uptime guarantee for their apps.


Google Apps is a software package from Google, which contains various applications. Some are free and some are not free. So it’s really great to have Google applications because they are very useful. They contain many essential applications like Meet, hangouts and many more.

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