12 Great Applications For Your New Computer

These days it’s not possible for businesses and users to get by without a computer. There are a number of applications software that are critical to the running and upkeep of computers in businesses and individual’s homes.

This article will highlight 12 Great Applications For Your New Computer.

Our list includes everything from productivity computer applications to entertainment and security programs all of them are highly rated by users and are available for free or at low prices.

1. Web Browser

Web browsers are software programs used to access the web. They allow you to view web pages and connect to other computers on the internet.

Web browsers are often called “browsers” or “web browsers”. The terms are interchangeable.

Today there are many different types of web browsers available for different platforms and devices. The most popular browsers are:

2. Media player

A media player is a software application for playing audio files (including streaming media), videos, and viewing images on personal computers. Media players are application software that can playback media content, usually provided by consumers as a digital file or by a broadcaster.

Examples of popular media players include:

  • VLC Media Player
  • iTunes
  • Winamp
  • Media Player Classic
  • MediaMonkey

3. Image editor

Image editor

Image editor are software applications used to edit images. These are used to add different effects to the images. The image editors are available in different versions and they come with different features. They include:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Paint Shop Pro
  • Microsoft Paint

4. Office tools

Office tools are a set of utilities that help you perform various tasks on your computer. They are a powerful suite of software that helps you create and manage documents, spreadsheets, presentations and more.

They include:

  • Microsoft Office Applications
  • WordPerfect.
  • Google Docs.
  • LibreOffice Writer
  • WPS Office

5. Meeting app

Meetings App is a simple, yet powerful tool that allows you to organize all of your events in one place. It has everything you need to manage your schedule, whether it’s a conference call, a meeting or an important social event. There are various meeting apps to download on the net, e.g. Zoom meeting App.

6. Security apps

Security applications are designed to protect your computer from unauthorized access and attacks by malicious programs. They can also monitor activity on your computer and alert you to suspicious behavior, such as a program trying to connect with an external site. Examples are:

  • Kaspersky antivirus
  • Norton antivirus
  • Avira antivirus
  • Malwarebytes
  • Avast antivirus

7. Disc burner

You can use a disc burner to create, edit and save files on CDs or DVDs. Here are some of the best free disc burners for Windows 10 and Windows 7.

Example: BurnAware.

BurnAware is a free CD/DVD burning software that supports all types of optical media like CDs and DVDs. It can also create bootable discs that are used to start up your computer before loading the operating system. It supports all types of burning speeds and also allows you to burn ISO images using different formats such as BIN, MDF, NRG, IMG, etc. The app also allows you to copy or clone data from one disc to another along with audio CDs or MP3s from an audio CD.

 8. File comprehension and extraction

These are applications used for extracting data from various files and storing them in readable formats, compressing large files and decompressing files. Example:

  • WinZip
  • WinRAR
  • WinAce
  • PeaZip
  • 7-Zip

9. Cloud storage

Cloud storage applications are an excellent way to store, share and sync files across multiple devices. Whether you’re looking for a solution that can back up your devices’ photos and videos, or you want to upload large files quickly and easily, these apps have you covered.

Here are some examples:

  • Google Drive
  • Dropbox
  • OneDrive

10. File manager

File manager computer apps are applications that are used to manage files and folders on your computer. They do so by giving you an easy way to access, view and manage files from your hard drive.

An example is; File Manager. It allows users to browse through folders in a very simple manner using a touch screen interface or through point-and-click actions with a mouse cursor.

11. File downloader

These are applications that help you to download files from the internet easily. A good example is; Internet Download Manager (IDM). The application can download every file type faster, you can download music, or convert video files to different formats.

12. Screenshot

Screenshot software is a computer program that allows its user to capture their screen and save it as an image file. Most screenshot applications also allow users to annotate the image before saving it, highlight parts of the image, and even capture video of their computer screen.

Examples are:

  • PicPick
  • SnagIt
  • Jing


All the applications on this list are good, and they are all very useful, they expand your computer’s functionality and allow you to be more productive.

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