Google Contacts is Google’s contact management tool that is available in Google Workspace. Google Contacts is your online address book, integrated with Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other Google products.

Reasons Why You Should Use Google Contacts

Here are reasons why you should be using Google Contacts;

1. Save time and effort.

 Google Contacts is designed to help you save time and effort. With it, you can; save time with autosuggestions. As you type in the search box, Google Contacts displays suggestions for people or groups you may be looking for, based on your contacts and recent conversations.

2. Search features.

Search quickly across multiple fields. Google Contacts searches across names and email addresses in your contacts. You can also search for people by company or by phone number without having to open a person’s contact record.

3. Edit contacts from any device.

Find and edit contacts easily from any device. You can add, edit, delete, or merge contact information from any Internet-connected computer or mobile phone.

4. Sync your contacts across devices and platforms.

 Google contacts allow you to manage your contacts from a cloud storage platform. You can use Gmail to keep track of your contacts on any computer or device. When you add a new contact, they’ll automatically be added to any other device you use to access Gmail.

5. Updated Contact Information.

You can easily keep track of your friends’ contact information with the help of Google contacts. If your friend changes his phone number or email address, you can update the details in a few clicks and never have to worry about falling out of touch.

6. Organize and manage contacts.

Google Contacts gives you one place to store all of your contacts, making it easy for you to get in touch with people when you need them.

Google Contacts automatically sorts your contacts into groups, such as Friends, Family and Coworkers. You can change how your contacts are organized and add more groups

7. Enhanced security.

It guarantees enhanced security for your data by using the same login credentials during registration in every app you require. Google contacts are convenient, reliable, and secure—and they’re likely here to stay.

8. Add photos to contacts.

You can add photos of friends to their contacts so that you can see their faces each time they call you or text you on your phone. You don’t have to use the same photo for every contact; instead, you can take a new picture or upload different photos for different people.

9. Contacts sharing and collaborating with friends.

They also allow you to easily share your contacts with friends and colleagues, making it easy to collaborate on projects.

10. Delete or restore contacts and groups.

If you delete a contact or group, it’s moved to Trash. You can recover contacts and groups from Trash for 30 days after they were deleted. You can also permanently delete contacts and groups in Trash at any time.  If you don’t want to delete your contacts or groups permanently, you can restore them within 30 days of deleting them.

Note: If you have deleted any contact or group more than 30 days ago, you can’t restore them.


Google Contacts is the newest option for your online storage of contacts. If you have a Gmail account, then you already have Google contacts. They offer free to us

e and they are easily accessible with any computer or phone with internet access. They also come automatically equipped with mobile apps to make it easy to share contact information and much more. Not only do they give you great ways to share information about your contacts, but back up your contacts, which can help prevent you from losing important numbers in case something happens to your phone.

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