10 Best Online Tools For Developers

Online tools can help developers to improve their productivity and make the most out of their time. The following article lists some of the best online tools that are relevant to developers.

1. CodePen.io

CodePen is a free web application that allows developers to write and execute code in any browser. It lets them create interactive demo pages for their projects by adding HTML, CSS and JavaScript on top of any pre-written template. The result is an interactive playground where developers can play with the elements on their pages interactively before they publish it live on the internet.

2. Bitbucket

Bitbucket is a free code hosting service for Git and Mercurial. It offers all the distributed version control and source code management (SCM) functionality of Git as well as adding its own features.

Bitbucket offers two types of accounts: Personal or Team. You can choose between these options depending on your needs:

Personal account – Allows you to create an unlimited number of projects, but only one user per project

Team account – Requires at least two users to be created within your organization

3. Google Fonts

Google Fonts is a web service that allows you to use fonts from Google web fonts in your projects. The service has over 600 different font families and can be used on any platform, including mobile devices.

You can also use the Google Font API to access these custom stylesheets directly from your code or in an auto-generated CSS file.

4. Cloudinary

Cloudinary is a cloud-based service that provides an end-to-end image and video management solution for web and mobile applications. The core of the service is its easy-to-use API, which includes both image manipulation functions as well as basic image transformations such as cropping and resizing.

Cloudinary also offers an online administration console, allowing you to manage all images in your account from one location.

5. React Studio

React Studio is a tool for building React apps. It is similar to create-react-app, but with some features that make it easier to build quality apps quickly and efficiently.

It has a built-in dev server, which allows you to see your app in action as you build it. This can be useful for debugging or testing portions of your code before committing them. It also has an integrated development environment (IDE) that makes developing JavaScript code easier.

6. GitHub Pages

GitHub Pages is an online platform for hosting websites based on GitHub projects. You can choose from several pre-built themes or build your own custom theme from scratch. The service allows you to create web apps that function like static websites but hosted directly on GitHub’s servers, which saves disk space.

7. Online whiteboard

Online whiteboard is a web-based tool that allows you to share your code with other developers. It can be used to collaborate with other developers and work on the same project at the same time.

Online whiteboard is an excellent way for you to share code with other developers, especially when working together on a project.

8. Glitch

Glitch is designed to be simple and intuitive, so you can code up your projects without being bogged down in the details of syntax or advanced features. Glitch also has a community of users who help each other out with problems they encounter while working on their projects, which is great if you are just starting out with coding but want some guidance on how to get started and where to go next with your project.

9. GitHub

GitHub is a code versioning tool that allows you to collaborate with other developers on the same project. You can work on the same codebase at the same time and easily share your changes with others by pushing them up to GitHub.

GitHub also offers paid services for private projects, but it is free for open source projects.

10. Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a collection of tools for creating websites and web applications. It is open source, licensed under MIT.

It is a framework of CSS and HTML tools that makes it easy to create responsive websites that can be customized to suit your needs.


These are just a few of the best online tools for developers. Some of them will make your life easier; while others can help become a better developer.

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